SSD-C28 - America's Past

1 1/8-2” w by 1 1/2-2” h each - 19-23 stitches w by 13-28 stitches h each

These are three patriotic cross-stitch designs from America’s past - two beloved presidents - George Washington (shows
the first leader of our country, as he appeared in many portraits during his presidency.  He is well remembered for that
incident with the cherry tree when he was young.  That honesty and his leadership ability lead to him being named the first
president of United States of America) and Abraham Lincoln (shows the 16th leader of our country, known as ‘Honest Abe’.  
He is much remembered for both being the president of the United States of America and for his untimely death, during that
presidency, by assassination at the Ford Theater) - and the 13 star American flag (shows ‘Old Glory’ as it appeared as the
United States of America began.  Petite glass beads on the field of blue are used to represent the 13 stars for the 13 original
colonies.  There are 7 red rows and 6 white rows of stitching to make the important 13 stripes).  

The images are on pre-finished ovals ready to be finished to be decorative on both sides (with detailed finishing instructions
provided) and hung as patriotic decorations after a ribbon is laced through the lace edge of the medallions.  The ribbons will
provide unique accents to the motifs.

Materials used for models:
Pre-finished 2 3/4” x 3 1/2”, 14 count Aida ovals with lace edges OR may use any cross stitch fabric including waste canvas
DMC 6 strand Embroidery Floss
Mill Hill Petite Glass Beads from Wichelt Imports / Mill Hill
Seasonal or Contrasting Fabric - Batting (or felt) - Ribbon - 1/8” wide - Beading Needle

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George Washington
13 Star American Flag
Abraham Lincoln
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