SSD-C123 - She's Here!

6 1/8” w by 6 1/8” h - 87 sts w by 87 sts h

This cross-stitch design is a baby announcement, or
it may be used to honor a not so young person.  The
design is of a baby block that has the baby’s ‘vital
statics’ on the front.  That information is created from
the enclosed alphabet and numbers on the blank grid
included for that purpose.  

On the side appears the child’s initial from a graph of
all the initials provided on a large graph with each
letter surrounded by broken lines which match the
broken lines on the side of the block.  

The top of the block features a smiling sun.  

Both models stitched by Melissa LeGault.
Materials used for main model:
14 count DMC Impressions Aida DC27C Rose Hearts
DMC Embroidery floss
8 1/2” x 8 1/2”, OCR (Old Cupboard Red), East Side
Mouldings 1-800-840-6077

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