SSD-POL-C422 - Train Birth Announcement
                               (14" x 16")

14” x 16” + alphabet, numbers, work area
196 stitches w by 224 stitches h + alphabet,   
numbers, work area - (total pattern size – 290
stitches x 224 stitches)

This large design with birth details and cartoon type
trains will be a keepsake for years to come. The
‘clickety clack’ of the trains all around the
personalized information can almost be heard.   An
alphabet and numbers are provided to list the
personal information.  Bright colors, whole and back
stitches are used.  Decorative borders enhance the

Materials used for the model:
Jobelan 28 count - White (429-0) OR Aida 14 count -
White (357-61) from Wichelt Imports
DMC embroidery floss or choice

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