SSD-POL-C51 - Child's Meal Prayer

7 1/4” x 8 3/4” - 101 sts w by 122 sti h

This design is of a well used devotion before meals
that shows many of the things children associate
with mealtime - hot dog, orange, banana, apple,
fried chicken drumstick, cluster of grapes, grilled
cheese sandwich with a cup of tomato soup and
crackers, chocolate milk, French fries, ice cream
cone with mini-pretzels, carrots, pizza, and a dish of
peas with butter melting on it.

Small amounts of many of the colors are used to
achieve the desired shading.  All whole stitches are

Materials needed:
White Jobelan 28 count (429-0)  (May also use
White Aida 14 count (357-60) OR Country
French Soft Touch Antique White OR Aida 14
count (367-101) from Wichelt Imports.

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