SSD-POL-C82 - Get Away!

7 1/8” x 9” - 100 stitches w by 126 stitches h

This cross-stitch design shows a dragon looking
over its shoulder as it tries to fly away from an
irritation.  The smoke coming from its mouth and
nose indicate that it is trying to avoid the imminent
explosion of fire that could be released.  The image
contains the words, “Get away - you bother me!.”  
The emotion being felt can be related to a specific
individual or even oneself, to convey a human
feeling through the image of the dragon.  All whole
stitches are used.

Materials needed:
Antique White Jobelan 28 count (429-101) OR    
Antique White Aida 14 count (357-101)
from Wichelt Imports.
DMC 6 strand 100% cotton embroidery floss

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