SSD-C77 - Graduation Memories

8” w by 6 1/4” h - 112 sts w by 88 sts h

This design personalizes graduation from any
school by allowing the year and school initials to
be added with the graduate’s name.  It is
enhanced with the graduates own school colors to
make the stitchery unique and truly an
individualized memory.  Four additional color
combinations are shown and the JAR Designs
floss used for the models, as well as DMC
conversions are listed.

Materials used for models:
28 count Jobelan Hand Dyed Water Cress (429
-502) from Wichelt Imports, Inc.
JAR Designs - 6 strand Hand Over Dyed floss
(DMC conversion provided)

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Susan Saltzgiver Designs - Mushrooms and Moles
Graduate's own school colors to be used.  Model shown in red and white.
Copyright 2007  Susan Saltzgiver Designs
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