SSD-C83 - How Many Years

5 1/8” wide X 6 7/8” high - 73 sts w X 97 sts h
(on 14 count fabric)

This is a cross-stitch design featuring a space to put
the number being commemorated - birthday,
anniversary, age of company, etc.

A celebration event lasts a few hours, but the
stitchery will last a lifetime, reminding the recipient/s
of their accomplishment.

Two pallets - pastel and vivid - are provided, and
models of each are shown, allowing the preferred
color range to be used.

Conversions for DMC embroidery floss are provided
for the DMC Variations floss that is used for the
models.  Colors may be changed to compliment
your décor.

Materials used for the pastel model:
25 count Cream (#712) Evenweave by DMC
DMC Variations Embroidery Floss

Materials used for the vivid model:
18 count White Aida by DMC
DMC Variations Embroidery Floss

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