SSD-C89 - Lace Teddy

7 3/4” w by 9 1/2” h - 109 sts w by 133 sts h

This cross-stitch design of a teddy bear gives the
appearance of lace on a background color of
stitcher's choice.   A red heart is added to the teddy
bear figure to enhance the image.  The surrounding
border gives the impression of lace edging with
hearts all around the teddy bear indicating how much
it is loved.

Most of the stitching is done in white - whole and half
stitches.  A small amount of red is used for the heart.

Colors of fabric and border may be changed.

Materials used for model:
28 count Jobelan Delicate Teal (429-31) from Wichelt
  Imports, Inc.  (may use 14 count aida)
DMC embroidery floss

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