SSD-C273 - Yesteryear Toys - 6 Ornament Set

2.93” x 2.93” each when finished
41 sts w by 84 sts h each (before finishing)

Baby doll, drum, teddy bear, sail boat, tricycle, and train
engine - designs for ornaments mostly in white are
included.  Instructions for making two sided ornaments
are given.  Whole and back stitches are used.  Fabric
may be changed.

Materials used for ornaments:  
Aida 14 count - Denim Blue (357-41)  OR  Jobelan 28
count - Denim Blue (429-61) - from Wichelt Imports.
DMC 6 strand embroidery floss.
Small pieces batting or stuffing and white dental floss.

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