SSD-C344 - Love Birds - Ring Pillow Topper

6.86” x 4.86” -  96 stitches w by 68 stitches h
and 5.43” x 5.43” 76 stitches w x 76 stitches h

Two designs together.  Love birds enhance the
wedding announcement.  They are surrounded by
backstitched hearts which also surround the ring
pillow topper.  Wedding colors may be used.  
Instructions are given to create the cut irregular
edges of the topper without fraying.  Whole and
back stitches are used.

Materials used for model:
Jobelan 28 count - White (429-0), OR Aida 14
count - White (357-61) from Wichelt Imports Inc.
DMC 6 strand 100% cotton embroidery floss

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