SSD-C16 - Love Mugs

9 5/8” w by 2 7/8” h each
136 stitches w by 40 stitches h each

This is a cross-stitch design to insert in mugs for a
special couple.  They say, ”Wife or Husband, Lover,
and Friend”, with lots of pink and blue hearts, a pair
of shiny rings, and flowers, to show on one side of
the mugs.  “Mr.” or “Mrs.”, again with hearts, shows
on the other side of the mugs.  There is a border
along the top and bottom edges the whole way
around, in alternating pink and blue.

Materials used for models:
Aida 14 count White (3706-1) from Wichelt Imports
May also use Aida 14 count Antique White (357
-101), or Linen 28 count White (76-W), or Antique
White (76-101) from Wichelt Imports.
(Vinyl weave is suggested.)
DMC 6 strand embroidery floss
DMC rayon floss
Stitch or Paint a Mug from MCG Textiles

Download links (below) to order:
To produce these mugs, cut fabric to at least 12” x 15”, and start stitching about 3/4” from left edge, and 3/4”
from top edge.   Stitch both inserts as one piece on fabric, leaving a space of 1 1/2” between the stitching for
each mug.  After stitching, washing & blocking, remove any fabric already inside mug, cut stitched piece
(centered) to 3 5/8” high x 10 3/8” long (cut length 1/2” from left end of stitchery, evenly spacing stitched design
from top to bottom).  Insert piece into mug and close.  Do
NOT submerge mugs.   (Vinyl weave recommended.)
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