SSD-C101 - Monograms with 2 Borders

Individual monogram in border - 14 OR 18 count
3 1/8” OR 2 1/2” w by 3 1/8” OR 2 1/2” h  -
57 OR 45 stitches w by 57 OR 45 stitches h  

Model stitched by Lorraine Flynn.
T-shirts stitched by Susan Saltzgiver.

This is a series of  cross-stitch designs of all the
alphabet letters.  Each will fit into either of the two
different frames.  Use removable waste canvas
to personalize or enhance any item that can be
stitched.  DMC Light Effects (metallic thread)
may be used for the frames to increase the effect of
the embellishment.  Colors and threads of choice may
be used by the stitcher.

Materials to be used:
Clothing or product to be embellished
18 count waste canvas is recommended. (Adjustments
  must be made if size is changed.)
DMC 6 strand embroidery floss
DMC Light Effects metallic floss

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