SSD-C61 - Purr-r-r-r

1 5/8 -2 1/8” w by 2 -2 3/8” h - 23-31 stitches w by 18-34 stitches h

Three cross-stitch designs (“Pretty Kitty” - shows a cat sitting on a window ledge looking out as cats will do, whether awaiting
the return of their favorite person, or wishing they could be out there doing ‘cat’ things -, “Royalty” - shows a cat lying on its
rug being the ‘ruler’ that it can be -, and “Tabby” - shows a cat sitting backwards, looking over it’s shoulder as it sizes up a
situation before it actually moves its body in response if it is necessary to do so -) are of cats in typical and familiar poses,
(patiently waiting, regal, relaxed) as they may appear to those who know and love them.

While the designs may be stitched onto the pre-finished ovals and used as ornaments, they may also be stitched onto small
pieces a fabric, or by using waste canvas, they can be applied to fabric or apparel.  

Materials used for models:
Pre-finished 2 3/4” x 3 1/2”, 14 count Aida ovals with lace edges OR may use any cross stitch fabric including waste canvas
DMC 6 strand Embroidery Floss
Mill Hill Petite Glass Beads from Wichelt Imports / Mill Hill
Seasonal or Contrasting Fabric - Batting (or felt) - Ribbon - 1/8” wide - Beading Needle

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Pretty Kitty
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