SSD-C100 - Joseph's Coat Sampler

8 7/8” w by 13” h - 125 sts w by 183 sts h

Model stitched by Jeanne Hammell.

This cross-stitch design features a Celtic
interwoven design surrounded by the alphabet,
which is enhanced by backstitched ornamentation.
Stitching is in brilliant colors of red, orange, yellow,
green, blue, and purple.  There is a scripture
reference about Joseph’s many colored coat.

The border repeats the bright colors of the design
and pulls everything together.

The design is stitched in all whole stitches.

Materials used for model:  
28 count Jobelan Antique White (429-101) from
Wichelt Imports, Inc.
DMC Embroidery floss

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