SSD-C107 - Duck!  (A Snow Family Design)

6 7/8” w by 6 3/8” h - 96 sts w by 90 sts h

This is a cross-stitch design of a snow family having
a snowball battle - the males against the females.  
The boy is ‘ducking’ for cover behind a snow fort
wall.  His hat is lying where it landed when it was
knocked off of him.  The girl is cheering because a
snowball she threw is about to hit her father’s hat.  
The dog is running back and forth between the two
teams.  Glass beads are used for coal nuggets, the
noses are carrot colored, and they all have various
wearing apparel (hats and scarves and even a red
hankie tied around the dog’s neck).  

Model stitched by Kim Carter

Materials used for model:
14 count Hand Dyed Aida (Summer Sky 257-504)
 from Wichelt Imports, Inc.
DMC Embroidery floss
Glass Seed Beads (size 11) from Wichelt Imports,
 Inc. / Mill Hill
Beading Needle
8 3/8” x 8 7/8” Pearwood, Small Cupboard frame
 from East Side Moulding

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Copyright 2007/2011  Susan Saltzgiver Designs
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