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SSD-C119 - Watermelon Borders

12” w by 9” h - 169 stitches w by 127 stitches h

Model stitched by Margaret I. Boos

This cross-stitch is of 3 borders featuring red, ripe,
delicious watermelons - some whole in long or round
shapes and still attached to their vines, and some
are cut and showing their bright pink and red
interiors.  They all say, “M-m-m good!”  The hand
dyed Thyme Permin Linen shows off the design in a
natural state, much like where the watermelons
actually grow.  All whole stitches are used.  Aida of
any count may also be used, or they may be stitched
on kitchen towel inserts.

Materials used for this model:
28 count, Permin Linen-Hand Dyed, Thyme
 (76-506)  from Wichelt Imports,
DMC 6 strand embroidery floss

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