SSD-C130 - Two By Two They Came - Group 8

4 7/8”-5 1/8” wide x 4 7/8” - 5 1/8” high -  68-72 stitches wide x 68-71 stitches high

Two cross-stitch designs - “Monkeying Around - Monkeys” and “Noah and the Ark” stitched with pearl cotton
(embroidery floss may be used with a laying tool) are each ‘afghan square’ designs showing a pair of animals
traveling through grass, water and trees to the ark and the ark, to make a unique “Two by Two They Came”

Instructions for making a pillow to go with the afghan are included.  Glass beads are used for the eyes, but if
the afghan is intended for someone under 3 years of age, French knots should be used instead of the beads.

The animal names, all whole stitches, are stitched in very dark garnet.  Colors may be changed.  

Materials used for model:
Angelica Patterned 14 count - Starlite (9205-28) and Mill Hill Glass Beads from Wichelt Imports, Inc. / Mill Hill
DMC Pearl Cotton (4 strands embroidery floss may be used with a laying tool)
DMC Embroidery Floss (for attaching beads and some outlining)
Beading Needle
Mountain Mist 14” pillow form (optional)

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Susan Saltzgiver Designs - Mushrooms and Moles
Copyright 2009/2011  Susan Saltzgiver Designs
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