SSD-C03 - 3 Variations Baby Announcement

9 3/4” w x 6 1/4” h - 138 sts w by 87 sts h

Baby is on the way and the “vital statistics” can be
recorded for posterity - this cross-stitch design
contains a teddy bear on a bright baby afghan of pink
and blue squares, draped over a wooden rocking

The information about the new baby is surrounded by
a pair of booties, a pacifier, a teether, a flying stork
carrying a baby, a set of baby keys, a rattle, a rubber
duck, a baby bottle, and a ball - with changes to add a
toy train, a doll, and a set of blocks.

There are changes of the color of the blanket the
stork is carrying so that the design may be specialized
for a boy or girl, or made generic if the sex of the
baby to be is unknown.  The stitching can be almost
ready when the baby is born and the final information
can then be added for a timely presentation of this
special keepsake.

Materials used for the model:  
Country French Soft Touch Antique White Aida 14
count by Wichelt Imports, Inc.
DMC 6 strand embroidery and rayon floss.

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