SSD-POL-C63 - Adjustable  Borders

minimum of 2 1/4” x 4 1/4” - 32 to 60 sts w x h

This cross-stitch design is for the embellishment of
a design, or to surround a photograph, drawing or
collectible.  Because of the adjustable nature of the
borders, any of them may become any size and may
be used as desired by the stitcher for enhancement
of whatever is being displayed.  Whole and back
stitches are used.

Materials needed:
Any cross stitch fabric - if being used to surround
stitchery, fabric required by stitchery; if being
used for another purpose, then the stitcher’s
choice.  If for just a frame, may use vinyl weave.
DMC embroidery floss or choice

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