SSD-P28-XST-C129 - Bead-Dazzled Christmas

6 3/4” x 8 1/4” each - 95 sts w by 116 sts h each

A cross-stitch design of a shaded violet decorative
Christmas ornament which is greatly enhanced by
the use of rayon threads to make it shiny, silver
metallic thread to embellish it and make it
extravagant, and silver beads to make it opulent.  It
is not hard to stitch and decorate, and it is sized to
be doable in a reasonable amount of time.

Materials needed:
Antique White Jobelan 28 count (429-101) from
Wichelt Imports.  May use Aida.
DMC embroidery, rayon, and metallic floss.
Glass Seed Beads, Size 11, from Mill Hill

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