SSD-POL-C49 - Cakes as Critters - Frog

6 1/4” x 8 1/8” - 87 stitches w by 114 stitches h

This cross-stitch design is of a cake made to look
like a frog, protruding eyes on top, and tongue
sticking out.  A fork and knife are ready for use.   
The thoughts (including its 'ribbit') are shown as the
dessert is about to be served.  All whole stitches
are used.

An actual cake can be made using one 8” round
layer cut in half
vertically, with the pieces placed
on the cut and the bottoms of the layer iced
together.   The features may be added with icing.

Materials needed:
Antique White Jobelan 28 count (429-101) from
Wichelt Imports.  May also use Aida.  

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