SSD-POL-C43 - On the Third Day

7” x 8 1/8” - 99 stitches w by 114 stitches h

This is from the beginning of the bible about the
creation of the earth.  The border features the
colors - scarlet, blue, purple, and gold - ordered to
be used when building the tabernacle tent for God.  
On the third day, God created land and plants.  
Shown are the land that rose out of the seas and
an assortment of fruit trees bearing different fruits.  
Above the center image is the wording “ON THE
THIRD DAY” and below the center image is “LAND /
PLANTS”.  Whole stitches are used.

Materials needed:
White Jobelan 28 count (429-0) OR Aida 14 count
(357-0) from Wichelt Imports.

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