SSD-C52                                                                                                                                              Extravagant Ornaments

1 3/8 -2 3/4” w by 15/8 -2 1/8” h each - 19-25 stitches w by 23-30 stitches h

Three Christmas cross-stitch designs (“Focus Point”, “Band of Stars”, and “In The Round”) depict decorative, extravagant
ornaments in red, blue, and sea green, made shiny by the use of DMC Rayon floss and embellished with DMC Metallic floss
and Mill Hill beads.

The images are on pre-finished ovals ready to be finished to be decorative on both sides (with detailed finishing instructions
provided) and hung as decorations after a ribbon is laced through the lace edge of the medallions.  These will provide unique
accents to the holiday motifs.

Materials used for models:
Pre-finished 2 3/4” x 3 1/2”, 14 count Aida ovals with lace edges OR may use any cross stitch fabric, including waste canvas.
DMC 6 strand Embroidery Floss - DMC Rayon Floss - DMC Metallic Floss
Mill Hill Seed Beads - Mill Hill Antique Glass Beads from Wichelt Imports / Mill Hill
Seasonal or Contrasting Fabric - Batting (or felt) - 1/8” wide Ribbon - Beading Needle

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Band Of Stars
In The Round
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