SSD-C125 - Infatuation

6” w by 6” h - 84 stitches w by 84 stitches h

Ah-h-h, isn't love wonderful?!?!  It feels like love,
anyway!  These images celebrate those feelings.
Symbols of love are used – hearts, roses, “x”s and
“o”s.  This cross-stitch design is in all whole
stitches, making it easy to stitch.  The baby pink
fabric enhances the design.  

Model stitched by Melissa LeGault.
Materials used for model:
14 count Aida #818 Baby Pink from DMC.
DMC 6 strand embroidery floss
Frame: PRL-RD (Primitive Pearls-Red) East Side
Mouldings 1-800-840-6077

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