SSD-C92 - Lace Kitten

9 5/8” w by 11 7/8” h - 136 sts w by 167 sts h

Model stitched by Sisu Lull.

This  cross-stitch design of a striped kitten gives the
appearance of lace on a background color of
stitcher's choice.   A red heart is added to enhance
the image.  The surrounding border shows images
of grown up cats in lace-like edging.

Most of the stitching is done in white - whole and half
stitches.  A small amount of red is used for the heart.

Colors of fabric and border may be changed.

Materials used for model:
28 count Linen - Antique Pink (76-35) from Wichelt
  Imports, Inc.  (may use 14 count aida)
DMC embroidery floss

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