SSD-C281 - Script Monogram Ornaments

2.93” x 2.93” each when finished as ornament
41 sts w by 84 sts h each (before finishing)  
193 sts w by 205 sts h (entire design as shown)

The border that is shown is used for all the letters.  
Each letter is surrounded by the inside row of the
border for ease of perfect placement. These pieces
may be used as ornaments or gift tags.  They are
all stitched in white.   Instructions for making two
sided ornaments are given.  Fabric color may be

Materials used for ornaments:  
Aida 14 count - Denim Blue (357-41)  OR  Jobelan
28 count - Denim Blue (429-61) - from Wichelt
DMC 6 strand embroidery floss.
Small pieces batting or stuffing
White dental floss.

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