SSD-C376 - Shaded Alphabet - 7 high - 1 or 2 Tone

9” x 10.57” - 126 stitches w by 148 stitches h
(this is the size of the chart - actual size of
stitching will be determined by individual usage)

Upper and lower case alphabets are shown two ways.  
Upper case letters are mostly 7 characters high – a
few extend to 8 – one extends to 9.  All are created
using back stitches only.  Numbers are shown, too.  
Shading with 4 colors is shown.  Colors may be

Materials to be used:
Cross stitch fabric, clothing or product to be
waste canvas if needed  (Adjustments must be made
according to size used)
DMC 6 strand embroidery floss

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