SSD-C35 - Hat Snatching Wind Storm  
                  (A Snow Family Design)

6 5/8” w by 6 1/4” h - 94 sts w by 89 sts h

This is a cross-stitch design of a snow family -
father, mother, brother, sister, and dog - using
large glass beads for coal, having carrot colored
noses, and with their apparel (hats and scarves and
even a red hankie tied around the dog’s neck)
blowing in the wind, and the boy’s baseball hat
blown off as the father and boy reach for the
escaping apparel.

Materials used for model:
28 count Jobelan Hand Dyed Queen Anne’s Lace
  (429-509) and Mill Hill Glass Beads, Size 8,
  (18002) Midnight from Wichelt Imports / Mill Hill
DMC 6 strand embroidery floss
Beading Needle

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