SSD-C51 - Traditional Holiday Toys

5/8 - 1 7/8” w by 13/8 -2 1/4” h each - 9 - 26 stitches w by 20 - 31 stitches h

These are three Christmas cross-stitch designs that depict toys from the top of the Christmas wish list of yesteryear, and they
still remind us of the Holidays today.  (“Traditional Tin Soldier” -  The tin soldier is embellished with shiny gold accents on his
red and blue suit and he is wearing the traditional matching tall hat -, “Traditional Train” - The toy train in primary colors of
red, blue, and yellow, is spewing smoke that we can remember from those smoke pellets for model trains.  The smoke stack
and cow catcher are ‘must haves’ -., and “Traditional Sled” - The sled is straw colored, representing the wood that was used ,
and it is embellished with a glistening gold rope and red beads at the top of the sled where the rope is attached and it has red
accents for decoration.)

The images are on pre-finished ovals ready to be finished to be decorative on both sides (with detailed finishing instructions
provided) and hung as decorations after a ribbon is laced through the lace edge of the medallions.  These will provide unique
accents to the holiday motifs.

Materials used for models:
Pre-finished 2 3/4” x 3 1/2”, 14 count Aida ovals with lace edges OR may use any cross stitch fabric, including waste canvas.
Silk Mori floss and Very Fine (#4) Braid from Kreinik Manufacturing, Inc.
Mill Hill Antique Glass Beads (Size 11) from Wichelt Imports / Mill Hill
Seasonal or Contrasting Fabric - Batting (or felt) - Ribbon - 1/8” wide - Beading Needle

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Susan Saltzgiver Designs - Mushrooms and Moles
Traditional Sled
Traditional Toy Train
Traditional Tin Soldier
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